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How can ProTrainUp help your Academy?

Take matters into your own hands, monitor and support the work of your trainers and players!

Build your own exercise base and create a training model

Thanks to the extended module of the exercise database, you will be able to build a folder structure and exercises, adapted to your academy`s needs.

Mechanisms of mutual sharing of exercises within one club will allow you to better use the potential that lies in yours trainers!

Access and contact with the team from anywhere on anytime

The mobile version of the website and mobile applications give you, players and parents in your Academy, opportunity to track the most important information about players, communicate and share materials

Thanks to ProTrainUp, you will quickly inform about the new training, calling for a match or missing payment.

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Manage the academy using one system

Thanks to the possibilities offered by ProTrainUp you are able to manage human resources, control contributions, build a base of exercises or check attendance at trainings with a few clicks!

At the same time, people working in the club, such as an accountant, physiotherapist, scout or motor preparation instructor can also get access to the system.

Adjust the system to your needs

ProTrainUp is a modular tool, so we can prepare it for the needs of any academy.

Order a dedicated system, adapted to the size, development stage and needs of your Club.

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